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The greatest composer at all-time once said: "The vibrations on the air are the breath of God speaking to man's soul. Music is the language of God. We musicians are as close to God as man can be. We hear his voice, we read his lips, we give birth to the children of God, who sing his praise. That's what musicians are."

By: Ludwig van Beethoven..!!

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As fas as I can remember Music always played an important rule in my life. I played the piano for about one year when I was very young and then I suddenly quit. Much later after the high school I resumed studying music for about three years learning the basic and practising Chord - Instruments. All Sets are recorded live and mastered afterwards. The music genre varies from progressive house to tech house, deep house and trance. The music in general is definately "non-commercial". Finally, all traks, at the time of the recordings, were up to date and created by top producers.



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01 Concentrate 2009 Intro (extended version)-Blake Jarrell
02 R U Sleeping (OD Musique Mark Holmes remix)-INDO
03 Taking Serious (original mix)-JUST KIDDING
04 Lockstoff - Original Mix-Evolent
05 Life (Andrez Main remix)-CURTIS DAKOTA
06 The Ooh - Original Mix-Thomas Schumacher
07 Turkish Bazar - Original Club Mix-Emmanuel Top
08 Acperience 1 - Original Mix-Hardfloor
09 Traffic Jam - Original Mix-Cobblestone Jazz
10 Chicago, A Wake Up Call - Wast-David Duriez, Mazi
11 Behind_The_Clouds-E_VERFORMUNG
12 Nothing_Like_U_(Solarsc)-SAINT_RUSH
13 Hello There - RadioSlave Dub-Cagedbaby
14 Der_Wolkenbruch-E_VERFORMUNG
15 Whos's Gonna Drive feat. dToli-Gare Mat K
16 Love Stimulation - Radio Slave-Humate
17 Hello There - RadioSlave Dub-Cagedbaby
18 Pale Horses - Apparat Remix-Moby
19 Behind_The_Clouds-E_VERFORMUNG
20 Lay Lie Lay - Original Mix-Guido Schneider, Jay Haze
21 Time Machine (original mix)-NEMANJA KOSTIC
22 Altes Kamuffel - Original Mix-Paul Kalkbrenner
23 Nebula - Original Mix-Ray Costa
24 Innocence Moments - Original M-Christos Fourkis
25 Red Eye Flight (original mix)-LANGNER, Thomas
26 Karma Car - Original Mix-Booka Shade

serato SL1


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01 HUVA-Network Blank - Original Mix
02 Brian Morant Discrete Head - Original Mix
03 Phill Niblock One Large Rose - Original Mix
04 Guy Gerber Stoppage Time - Reshuffle Remix
05 Subtara The Origin Unknown (Original Mix)
06 Subtara Mind Expression (Original Mix)
07 Project 24 Autark (Original Mix)
08 Ri9or Live For Life (Original Mix)
09 Paul Alexander Pyrokinesis - Deepfunk Remix
10 Eiht The Hip Death Goddess (Original Mix)
11 Project 24 The Differenz (Original Mix)
12 Nadja Lind Shakes (Oliver Schories Remix)
13 Spooky Live For Life (Original Mix
14 Ri9or Polymorph (Original Mix)
15 10A - Sasha - Mongoose (Deepfunk TwoOten Remix)
16 Art Of Trance The Horn (Dingle Remix)
17 PLAY, M. Underwater Sounds (Elect. Bizzare deep mix)



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01 MOSHIC 7 (original)
02 Moshic I'm Your Danger - Original Mix
03 Moshic You Calling Colors - Original
04 MOSHIC Lost Feelings
05 MOSHIC You Feel (Prog mix)
06 Moshic La Monte - Original Mix
07 Moshic Keeps Me Soft - Original Mix
08 Moshic 15 Is God - Original Mix
09 Moshic Messiah Of The Zohar - Origina
10 MOSHIC Karar (original)
11 MOSHIC Oli In The Ben Hur Land
12 Phil Kieran Never Ending Mountain - Egbert
13 Humano Life - Original Mix
14 MOSHIC Trilock

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Equipments and Software

Pioneer CDJ 400 2 channel mixer and 2 players

Serato SL1 - Scratch live

2 Monitor Speakers

PC Desktop

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Ever since the age of 13 I was given the nick name of Johnny. Even today all my friends, especially those I grew up with, are still calling me by the nick name instead of my first name. My father and his brother were both semi-professional opera singers and I believe they played an important role in my life with regards to my passion for music..!!!

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I find the ever growing Electronic Music era/genre very exciting and educative. Since music, communicates and interacts, through the hearing sense, with our mid-brain, (the area that holds all the emotions and feelings) it effects the way we think, behave and ultimately; "LIVE". Generally speaking, good music affects positively our life helping us relaxing and reducing stress while bad music does the exact opposite.

Music..!!"An Important Living Instrument"
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